2015 WSOP Day 1B Recap

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

What a day!  I headed into the Rio feeling pretty good after a great nights sleep.  We had a fantastic meal with my good mate Joe Hachem last night to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his WSOP Main Event win, and were all back to the Hotel at a reasonable hour to get some shut eye.  I was up early, showered and had a huge breakfast before heading down to play Day 1B of the World Series.

I felt pretty comfortable, and loved my table draw.  There was no-one on there that I thought would give me any trouble and I found myself playing a lot of hands.  This is my ninth World Series of Poker Main Event and I reckon I played more hands in the first two levels today than I have the entire first day in previous years.

I got unlucky early on holding Pocket Kings and running into Aces.  I raised before the flop and got re-raised.  I raised again, and he made ANOTHER raise.  I started to smell something fishy so I just called and the flop came down Ace high.  He checked it to me so I made a pretty decent sized bet, which he quickly called.  He checked the turn and I checked it back, then he fired out a bet that was about half the size of the pot.  I thought about it for ages before folding – I just couldn’t put him on any other hand.  I was steaming after that, but found a way to stay calm and accumulate some chips winning a bunch of smaller pots.

We went for dinner and nearly drowned as Vegas was in a flash flood.  After dinner, I found myself in a huge pot with Pocket 7’s on a board having both an both an Ace and a Seven.  As it turns out I think I lost the minimum in the hand given the circumstances.  From then on I went on a bit of a tear raising and winning small pots, until I pulled off a massive bluff for all my chips with Queen Two on a board reading QT34 with 2 clubs.  I was pretty sure the other guy had me beat, but I knew he wasn’t that strong that he could risk half his stack.  Thankfully he folded!!

Overall, I feel like I played great today.  I felt as fresh at the end of the day as I did at the start, and ended the day with a healthy stack of 65,525.  This might just be my year…