WSOP Day 2 Wrap Up

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Today was one of the toughest days of tournament poker I have ever played.  I had a great night’s sleep and got to the table pretty pumped to still be in the WSOP Main Event with 65,525 in chips.

After a couple hands I quickly realized that my day was not going to be as easy as it was on Day 1 – this table was the opposite of the one I had on Monday, full of tough players.  Ole Schemion, who is currently the number four ranked Poker player in the world was on my table, along with some other guys I didn’t recognize but who could obviously play.

Playing the first few hands was like walking out on the MCG for the first over of the Boxing Day test, I felt nervous and excited at the same time.  It took me a little bit to find my rhythm, as I just tried to stay out of the way of the tough players and play my premium hands.

I was able to catch a few hands and grow my stack slowly in the first couple of levels, but in level 3 I really hit my stride.  I had settled right into the table and felt like I had a pretty good read on how everyone was playing.  I started raising and re-raising more, put in a few bluffs and got paid off on some big hands, and by the dinner break I had doubled my stack to 140,000.

After dinner I was in the zone.  I had complete ownership of the table and was dominating.  I continued my aggressive play, and eventually had the whole table fearing me like it was day 5 of a Test on a raging turner.  I had Fleetwood Mac playing in the headphones all day, so I may go to sleep tonight with them on a constant loop!

The last level of the night started badly, and I lost a few pots in a row, but my stack was never really in jeopardy.  With about an hour to go before the end of the night I managed to make a full house on the turn and get all my opponents chips when he couldn’t get away from his pocket Kings.  All in all, I felt like I played the best Poker of my career to far and am buzzing as I write this.  I have 247,000 in chips, which should put me in the top 10% of the field going into Day 3, ready to make a deep run and hopefully make the final table.