Homeward Bound, but a Huge Tick for our Uncle Sam Venture

Monday, November 16th, 2015

We’re packing our bags and heading home – but I reckon the entire venture of taking cricket to America has been a huge success.

First up, I think everyone involved – especially my mate Sachin and all the other blokes who risked life, limb and reputation to put on this show – have good reason to be proud.

Not just because 83,000 cricket fans old and new came to watch us play, though our crowds were far and away the bigger than ever before to watch a game of cricket in North America.

It’s also because of the way the games were played, the genuine competitiveness and spirit of the game everyone displayed.

And, strangely, because we were playing on baseball field’s, with their irregular shapes (for cricket, anyway) and lush outfields, it was an even better experience.

It made me think of all of those millions of games of cricket played all around the world in backyards and laneways, little school yards, beaches, you name it.

Because OUR game is a fabulous game, and it’s fun to play, and watch, no matter where some wickets, a trash can or a cardboard box is set up, and a young boy or girl – or an old codger like me – runs, or trundles, in to bowl.

And that’s what our All-Star Twenty20 series was really all about. We’re not going to conquer the U.S. overnight, we’re not going to replace baseball, or NFL, or basketball, or ice hockey as a major league sport any time soon.

But we’ve shown there are lots of people in New York, Houston and Los Angeles who love to see a good game of cricket, and there’ll be lots more who want to play it.

And, as the song says, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!

That’s a good thing, and that’s what we’re all about.